Charlie's Africa Safari

Kenya's most trusted tour operators

Kenya boasts for its vast Savannah grasslands filled with iconic wildlife, including big cats and the famous Big Five (Elephants, Buffalo, Lion, Leopard and Rhino). The landscape range from forests, deserts, the Rift Valley, Lakes and tropical coastlines. This diverse environment offers safari-goers an unparalleled experience, promising an endless spectacle of wildlife against Africa’s stunning scenery.

Why us?

Competitive prices

Being a consortium of tour driver guides who have come together, we offer very competitive prices. We have negotiated grate discounts due to the volume of visitors we handle, which is passed down to our clients

Experienced tour guides

Most of our guide drivers have been on the job for more than 25 years, in reputable tour companies. They have experience in matters hospitality, wildlife behaviour, the parks, beaches and other tourist sites very well. 

Multi lingual guides

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Our tour guide drivers are fluent in various  international languages and thus no language barrier. Depending with nationality the client are paired with a guide who understands and speak their language.

4 x 4 vehicles

All our travels are on comfortable, well maintained 4 X 4 vehicles to handle any terrain and weather. Our driver guides are vetted on driving and road safety. Each vehicle can carry up to 6 tourists each with window seat.

Nice acommodation

We  make arrangements for accommodation in nice hotels and safari lodge to ensure maximum comfort during your stay.

Good rapport with village

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Over time our tour guides drivers have built a good rapport with local Masai villages and can easily organize visits into those traditional setting

Birds lovers

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Our tour guide drivers have knowledge of where to find which type of birds, and for those who love birds watching can be given a grate treat.

Cross Cultural experience

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Our guides comes from around & understand local cultures and customs and where one can experience it first hand.